P.F. Kluge Collegian Fund

Did you know that you can give to Kenyon and support the Collegian at the same time? Thanks to the P.F. Kluge Collegian Fund, you can!

The P. F. Kluge Collegian Fund will help foster student journalism at Kenyon by supporting student internships and special Collegian projects. Specific projects will be developed each year and administered by the Collegian‘s advisors. Since the advisors will also be ex-officio members of the Collegian Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, Collegian alumni will be able to keep in touch with them through the Association. At the same time, gifts to the fund will count as donations to Kenyon College, and the College will oversee the fund’s finances.

As an endowed fund, anyone can donate. So you can help the College by helping the Collegian!

The Kluge Collegian Fund is named for P.F. Kluge ’64, a noted author, journalist, former Collegian editor and currently Kenyon’s writer-in-residence and a Collegian advisor.

The fund was established in 2007 by a $50,000 pledge from Daniel Matthew Voorhees ’95 and his partner, Chris Dorobek. Voorhees lived in Lewis Hall with Kluge when Kluge was writing his book Alma Mater, and they established a lasting friendship. He is now the president and CEO of the Washington financial services firm Anybill. Dorobek is a Washington-based technology editor, and his commitment to a free press helped shape the endowment.

The initial $50,000 gift is expected to generate about $2,250 a year for projects. As the endowment grows, more funds will be available to help the newspaper and student journalism.

If you would like to support the Kluge Collegian Fund, you can give by check, Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard. Gifts can be sent to the Office of Development; Kenyon College; College Relations Building; Gambier, OH 43022. Please specify that the gift is for the Kluge Collegian Fund. 


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